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This is targeted sales training for aromatherapists, but the sales strategies hold true for any healer, or indeed person who finds the idea of "aggressive sales" intimidating. The truth is, "sell" is a four letter word, but in business there really is no getting away from it.

Sales is the only thing that contributes to profit, every single other thing in your business is a cost. 

Wonderful things are happening in complementary therapy. Aromatherapy is edging its way slowly to the front of holistic medicine. Very gifted people are churning out fantastic research and results and the internet is full of what essential oils can do. 

But when a gentle soul emerges from their relaxing haze of their aromatherapy class room, how do they harness the buzz of energy around them for their craft? 

I used to work in one of the most aggressive commercial environments there is. My role as a recruitment consultant was 80% cold calling in am extremely saturated sales arena. Despite my own gentle soul, I found ways not only to compete, but to excel. 

  • Learn how to pinpoint the best customers for your practice.
  • Cost your treatments to ensure every treatment is profitable for both you and your customer.
  • Marvel at how easy and fun business plan writing can be and how to ensure your own profitable business.
  • Discover how to make every conversation into a potential sale lead without becoming a complete and utter pain in the a*s!
  • Uncover the reasons why you are not closing sales so you never have to make the same mistakes again.
  • Create a growth environment where you plan success and always find yourself stepping into it.

If you are working with essential oils or massage therapy, and you want to make a good living from it, then you need to learn to sell. To my mind sales is just another string to your bow. Consider this book to be CPD...or indeed another healing tool. 

If it were an essential oil, sales would be helichrysm, I think. It makes your business more "everlasting", and strengthens every part of its mechanism. 

Building clear sales strategies into your business is just like creating a synergistic blend, it improves it, makes it more potent and at the end of the month, when the bills start rolling's a good deal more relaxing too. 

If you want to make people better, ask yourself, what if you could make even more people better? How would that make you feel then? Scroll up and invest in one of the only sales training books written by an aromatherapist for other people in the essential oils industry. Find out it feels to become more in control of your business, your finances and your healing practice as a whole. 

Sales for gentle souls

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