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The Aura’s Part in Etheric Healing.

So what is subtle aromatherapy, or etheric healing, and how can it contribute to mind body medicine?

Here, we address possible deep seated issues in someone's mind, usually about discomfort with how their life is being lived. Rather than using plant medicine to heal the physical body, we peel back the top layer of disease and ask "Why does this person not feel well?"

Often disease, especially chronic disease, responds well to the doctor's medicine for a short while, but then symptoms resurface. Potentially this may be because the person is ignoring the main issue making them sad.

We see those problems translated from the spirit, through to the physical body, via the aura.

What is the aura?

The aura is the seat of the spirit – the quintessential essence of who each person really is.

It is a barometer for the emotions that relays messages from the spirit, into the mental and emotional bodies and then finally into the physical body with the help of the chakras.

Study into the aura is still very much in its infancy so the more information we can find out the better. Most of what we we teach, is merely hypothesis, assumptions from watching very carefully. As yet, science has yet to explain how the subtle bodies - the aura and chakras - work.

The aura seems to filter information the brain can't yet cope with. We recognise it as a protective mechanism emerging around the physical body, but it in the same way it may well be some kind of protective emotional and intellectual net too.

Marvellous as it is, the brain simply couldn't cope with huge library of information stored in our unconscious mind, so the aura only lets data through, little by little, guaging what we need to know.

One imagines that because we have these other subtle bodies, as well as the physical one, then collectively these accumulate vast realms of information on various levels of existence.

Becoming more familiar and aware of our aura may mean we encourage useful data to filter through more readily. Potentially, those life lessons and new levels of consciousness might otherwise have been lost.

Communication Between the Spirit and The Physical Body

It seems that if something happens in our lives which the spirit isn't happy with, it transmits a complaint to the aura.

Remember the aura extends through the physical body and in turn the chakras run through the aura and into the physical body too. In some way, perhaps the aura and chakras are not separate entities at all, completely entwined and interdependent.

Keeping this in mind gives an aromatherapist a much deeper recognition that physical disease is almost always a manifestation of something going on in the mind.

Or at least, in contraflow to what spirit believes in your best path.

And that's really just fancy speak for feeling stressed in your job, becoming only a wife and mother when your heart remembers how good you are at drawing, feeling constantly sad and anxious because there simply isn’t enough money to make ends meet.

The list goes on and on.

Because everyone's karma in life is different, and so are the challenges the universe puts up to ensure we learn and absorb the lesson.

Holes in The Aura

Disease can often be discerned as tears leaking energy from the etheric, and in turn from the physical body.

If you can isolate where the hole is, and start to close it, it can an extraordinarily effective healing mechanism. Learning how to vitalise the etheric bodies and cleansing your aura can transform mental and physical wellbeing.

Learn Etheric Healing and Spiritual Healing Techniques

Teaching Aura Healing in Budapest

As you move your hands over the aura be aware of each aura patch which can either feel a little bit colder or equally there could be places that are throwing out heat. Whenever I have done this with students it is fascinating to see their reactions to how easily they can do this.

The key to success in doing this exercise is the leap of faith. Believe that you can do it....and you will.

There is differences too, in how each persons hands feel when they find a tear or hole. I think most people would feel cold, like a bit of a draught maybe, but my hands burn as if I have just taken my gloves of after coming in from the snow.

Everyone's experience is different. Just take note of what your response is and go with it.

So, each aura patch is likely to be some sort of hole or tear.

Be aware that patches tend to show inflammation over areas of the physical body where there is likely to be disease. Disease can show up in an aura, well before it manifests in the physical body. This really is the essence of preventative medicine.

If there is a hole, this should be closed. It can basically be done by running the hands up and down over the area – (this is called massaging the aura), and filling each aura patch with golden thought light, and mentally see the person surrounded by light.

I think the nice thing about this exercise is that you can't do any harm. If you have mistaken a tear then all you are doing is pouring in lovely golden energy and that is lovely benign healing.

No harm done.

Signs Someone Needs Aura Healing

Energy seeps away from any aura patch that is torn or ripped.

A good indicator to look for, if you need physical evidence is that you find the patient is complaining of feeling permanently tired.

There is no specific location where holes or more likely. They can occur anywhere over the body. Often the largest impacts can be seen over the power centres or chakras.

Imagine, for example, if the person is having a bad divorce, the heart or emotional centre will open and leak; you will expect to see problems with heart chakra and would expect to find an inflamed aura patch local to it as it permeates through to the aura.

Another example could be a student having trouble getting though exams, the communication centre at the throat will leak leaving energy depleted here too. It easy to see here how cleansing your aura, or performing aura cleansing on someone, else regularly can really stave off what can be horrible health consequences.

Gauging Signs Someone May Need Etheric Healing

Something, I shall explore later, in more depth, is about the importance of a case history, if you are a therapist, and this has a large bearing here.

Each of the questions that you ask a patient leads you to learn more about your patient. As you note down their responses about their family history, what is stressful to them at the moment, don't just stare at your sheet of paper.

Watch them.

Become aware of how they respond to different subject matters, what are their stress triggers, where are the painful memories?

Store that information and use it as reference in every part of their healing. There may often be no need to comment, just cleansing their aura can literally wash away huge amounts of pain for people.

Be very present in your thought process about how to look after this person.

If they are grieving, be mindful of the likelihood of that gaping aura patch of pain around the heart chakra. If there is a familial history of breast cancer, keep a very strong eye out for any inflammation showing in the aura over the chest.

Watch, observe, heal holes and tears and then watch and observe some more.

Of course holes can also occur over places of illness - in fact it is a vicious circle. The illness has little chance of getting better if there is a hole there.

By the same token, a hole due to emotional causes will have preceded the disease in the first place. So closing up and holes is very important.

Be aware , however, that they are likely to keep opening up. So the healing process can take quite a long time. Be patient and keep on working at it.

Aura Healing

The aura can be very easily damaged by extreme emotions.

Any "dis-ease" is transmitted via the chakras then into the physical body. Here that hole manifests as actual physical disease.

Aromatherapy is the most powerful healer. In the same way, we can chose certain oils for mental and physical problems, there are essential oils for the aura too.

By understanding how the body heals itself on each of these levels, you gain an extremely powerful position to heal many physical illnesses.

Trauma can manifest in someone’s aura many years before the disease is obvious in the physical or even emotional bodies. Hence, we might notice changes in the aura, sometimes years before they occur in the physical body.

Whether the brain takes notice of these messages is another matter, of course. Sometimes it will ignore them, perhaps for years and this sets up a circle of unrest and physical illness.

So, whilst I would never preach selfishness, it is vitally important to do things we really want to do, no matter how trivial they may seem to others. If we blot out spiritual development or even try to conform to someone else’s idea of what our personality should be…. in the long run, it’s asking for trouble.

When we find tears in the etheric bodies, we almost always then see a depletion of life force. There will be low level infections, sadness, melancholy, aches and pains.

Do you know the old song;

“There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza”?

If the aura is the bucket you can see how everything will always be draining out.

Locate and closing holes is far more important. In addition, any aura color meanings you might interpret are purely subjective theory. As to yet no-one has any firm proof as to what they mean.

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