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Essential Oils for The Crown Chakra

Essential oils for the crown chakra

The essential oils for the crown chakra are valuable tools for healing emotional and mental disturbances in particular. In this article, I'll discuss what physical and personality traits might give you clues to the energies underlying their disease. I'll place my best essential oils for the crown chakra here. Then you can skip to the article below for deeper insight.

Sometimes referred to as the "Purple Chakra" The crown chakra location is just above the head, spooling like a vortex. Its root is where a baby's soft spot appears on its head.

It has the most fibres of the chakras with a massive 972. It resonates on the color violet, the color with the highest frequency in the visible light spectrum. In physics any faster light frequency, than violet is known as invisible light, because it is too fast for us to see.

This high frequency of the purple chakra color manifests as closest to the Divine, connecting us with the Godhead, Be that Yahweh, Buddha, Shiva…

The crown chakra meaning is allied to our connection with the creator, with the energies of the universe, with the Divine.

Its 972 tendrils reaching out into the universe, absorbing information we cannot yet perceive.

This chakra is all about communication with the Divine and the opportunity to achieve enlightenment. Its vital lesson is about living a spiritually generous life in the here and now. It is this portal that provides our access to oneness with the universe. Crown chakra opening benefits include clearer and more astute thinking, and a more serene relationship with the Godhead and cosmic energy at large.

Crown Chakra Imbalance In The Physical Body

Associated Nerves: Carotid plexus connecting the head

Associated Endocrine Gland: Pineal Gland

Function of the Pineal Gland

Regulates sleep, through circadian and seasonal cycles.

It does this by secreting melatonin, a serotonin based hormone.

Other areas affected by the crown chakra:

Brain/Upper Brain, Brain Stem, Cerebral Cortex, Central Nervous System, Pituitary, Right Eye, Spinal Cord

Spiritual Aspects of The Crown Chakra:

This chakra is all about communication with the Divine and the opportunity to achieve enlightenment. Its vital lesson speaks of living a spiritually generous life, in the here and now. It is the crown chakra that is our access to oneness to the universe.

Meditation can, of course, stimulate the energy of the votices, but you can also use well chosen essential oils to empower them, and in turn, purify and strengthen the vitality of you chakra colors and energy too.

The truest sense of this chakra is empathy, the sense of being able to step outside of your own body, and reality, and wholly experience someone else's.

There are times when we all live a life less than that. When we are divorced from this kind of quest. When we are bigotted and argumentative, when we don't feel life and the joys that are around us and when apathy begins to drag us down.

When this kind of antipathy begins to take hold, then our brain chemistry starts to take hold.

Depression begins to creep through our ways of thinking. We become closed to those around us. We can no longer feel any empathy for other peoples' experiences. We begin to refuse other people's advice or to learn from our own better judgement and experiences.

These are classic signs of a dysfunctional crown chakra.

  • With a crown chakra dysfunction, you are going to see:

  • Psychological and nervous system imbalances.

  • Cognitive thinking and decision making becomes very difficult

  • You will often find learning disabilities because there is such difficulty concentrating.

  • Sleep disturbances and nightmares are common.

In my Professional Stress Solution book, I talk about yin disease. How the body becomes too soft, too receptive and suddenly there seems to be a weakness of character as the person starts to feel vicitimized by life.

This is very much a crown chakra problem where it is often jarred open, and there is no grounding or impetus in life.

The leads to very real feelings of anxiety and distress generally.

Given the physical location of the crown chakra it's not surprising we find mental illness and personality disorders.

On a much lighter scale, we naturally see stress and worry.

  • Headaches

  • Migraines

  • Dizziness

  • Poor co-ordination.

  • Associated symptoms such as vision issues, sensitivity to light, sound and environment again.....

All crown chakra issues.

Depending on genetic make-up, that worry could erupt into depression or hysteria.

Delusions transmute into hallucination.

So, I don't think it is too much of a leap to say “neurodegeneration” as we notice

  • Memory disorders

  • Amnesia

  • Parkinson's

  • Alzheimer's.

In some cases, we might see auto immune disorders in particular

  • ME,

  • Extreme exhaustion

  • Chronic fatigue.

Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis are also classic crown chakra problems.

There is a perpetual feedback loop in healing.

Balance the crown chakra... treat the patient.

Next time they come, balance it again.

With these illnesses they get blown open over, and over again.

Balance it. Balance it. Balance it.

Remember too, that one is not necessarily causal of the other.

It could be that a brain injury has occurred and that, too will disturb the energy.

In this case the physical body affects the mental and spiritual bodies.

This is not one way traffic. It’s a continual feedback loop.

Mentally and Emotionally

We are going to see this very yin personality; too interested in the metaphysical and refusing to fully inhabit this realm. There might be hours, upon hours of meditation, particularly funded by social security. Often if they are not on Welfare State, they are teetering in the edge, taking long periods off work because of anxiety problems or depression.

Often these people are flighty. They lack momentum and impetus in life. There is very little activity (yang enegry) they are far too busy living in their heads. I'll probably get in trouble for saying this but you will often see these people at aromatherapy and mind body spirit conferences. They won't be the stall holders- they have still got that yang active bias. These will be visitors, floating from one stall to another, gripped in the over-spirituality, with very litte grounding at all.

If the crown chakra is jarred open, they will be losing grip on reality. Often the person may be delusional; if they haven't quite made it to the stages of schizophrenia or hallucinations, they will probably be over intellectualising things, becoming extremist and exhibiting very confused and irrational thinking.

You will always see some kind of depression here, but often if the chakra is wide open, there will be a nastiness to it. The person may become overly domineering, show little empathy or compassion and be extremely self-centred too.

You will often see paranoia, and those of you who have read my cannabis book, might also see parallels with those individuals who continuously smoke marijuana, how their personality changes with links with the CB1 receptor.

The blocked crown chakra is probably more problematic, because this is where we see the really nasty black depressions. More than that though, from a personality point of view, we are talking narrow minded…or whatever the complete opposite of open minded is.

They are frustrated with life. They feel like they have the world on their shoulders. It’s very difficult for them to reason, to be creative or imaginative. They are too set n this plane…they have no visualisation ability to escape.

Emotionally, it’s almost easier to visualise what they look like than how they feel. Their head is down. Hiding from the world.


Self Denial and hatred.

Healing the Crown Chakra

It takes work, time and patience, but you do start to feel results pretty quickly. The problem being, that for a while, it does act a bit like elastic. The first few times, the energy won't stay put. It will keep shooting back to how it was before.


I find the most effective cocktail is essential oils with meditation.

Essential Oils for The Crown Chakra

Angelica, Citronella, Frankincense, Palma Rosa, Hyacinth, Cumin, Violet Leaf, Sandalwood, Lemon, Juniper, Holy Basil.

I find these oils push energy up, so they will tonify and vitalise the crown chakra. However, if the crown is too energetic, and we have this flighty off the wall kind of nature, then we need to drag that energy back into the physical, and weight the chakra down using grounding oils. These of course, are root chakra oils.

Root chakra oils are slower, more steady and more practical. They exist more in the body, than the crown chakras that open the mind.

Use crown chakra essential oils diffusers, candles in massage oils or in the bath.

You can find deeper insights into how I use essential oils for the crown chakra, in my book The Essential Oils of The Mind Body Spirit.

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