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How to Balance The Root Chakra With Essential Oils

I've noticed there are several websites that tell you how to balance the root chakra with essential oils but they don't really explain why we do it. What does the root chakra do, and how does it affect physical and mental well being? I'll begin by giving you my favourite essential oils for balancing the root chakra, then you can read further below the picture.

Root Chakra Location

Between the anus and the genitals, around the perineum area, just at the base of the spine.

Root Chakra Color


Root Chakra Frequency

256 hz

What Is The Root Chakra?

The energy contained in the root chakra (also known as the red chakra or base chakra) is that of pure adrenaline rush. It connects with the adrenal gland, measuring and processing every terror, fear and excitement we feel.

In response it sends messages about this to our physical body.

Scientists call this Fight or Flight Syndrome

The root chakra, or base chakra governs our decisions about survival.

Its energy connects us to security in its greatest sense.

Root chakra meaning translates into:

  • How we feel about our family.

  • The relationship we have with money.

  • Ambition to strive and move up.

  • Our place in a material world.

Just with the other chakras, it’s important to keep the chakra spinning in a healthy regulated way. However deep worries about security will disrupt this balance.

Moving house, changing or losing a job, or basic concerns about stability can alter this chakra, for example.

The root chakra spins the slowest of the chakras, meaning also vibrates at the lowest level

Root Chakra Imbalance in

The Physical Body

It connects to those parts of our body that are dense and hard; the bones, nails, and teeth. It also governs the large intestine, anus and prostate.

Closing and opening the root chakra means energy is forced down to the ground.

It connects us to gravity through the spinal column…. the very depiction of being grounded or having your feet on the ground.

A vibrant and healthy base chakra bestows the kind of feelings of security we all crave.

We’ll see a wonderful inner self confidence; there’s a security and trust and in your circle of family and friends around you.

Best described as "comfortable in your own skin", a balanced root chakra means you are courageous in the face of criticism. There is sensible understanding of right and wrong and a desire to ensure that life is lived justly.

Balanced, the root chakra instils a deep understanding of who you are, and a careful discipline in how to achieve your dreams and goals.

An overactive root chakra will expose someone who is selfish, egocentric, self-centred and more than likely a bully. root chakra problems manifest as

You will see obsession with money and material goods.

People with a root chakra imbalance will do whatever it takes to get it, no matter who stands in the way. They are ambitious in sly and nasty ways.

By contrast, blocked root chakra symptoms show up as airy fairy floaty type with no direction in their life. This lack of direction and even downright self-destructive nature, can be traced to root chakra imbalance symptoms, especially when it is paired with a smashed open crown chakra.

There is little confidence or self-esteem. These are often "groupies" or gang members, craving the security of others as a means of making themselves feel valued.

Insecurity is rife here.

So is self-pity.

Physical Root

Chakra Imbalances

These tend to be related to the spine and also to the immune system.

  • Lower back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Osteo- arthritis.

  • Auto immune diseases such as lupus or HIV.

Since we are talking about the anus and rectum, its not surprising to discover haemorrhoids can also often occur.

Balancing root chakra can often be a massive help in relieving symptoms of these conditions

Clearing root chakra with chakra meditation is extremely powerful. Ont only will it aid the physical healing buut clearing out these old scrpts about family and money can be enormously liberating for some people.

Unlocking those psychological triggers can drastically cut their stress. What’s more it is important to unblock root chakra energy to give kundalini a chance to find its way up to the sacral chakra.

Spiritual awakening cannot take place while kundalini is trapped. Open the root chakra and the lessons can be assimilated and life force continues to the sacral chakra.

How to unblock your root chakra

There are so many root chakra healing techniques and wisdoms mainly flowing in from Eastern philosophies.

Search “root chakra affirmations” to find phrases to anchor you into healthier patterns.

Personally, I like to combine root chakra healing meditation with essential oils for the root chakra.

Essential Oils

For The Root Chakra

Narcissus, Penny Royal, Violet Resinoid &Clove.

These oils are best used in an essential oils as Narcissus and Penny Royal are both hazardous, and clove can be rather bracing on the skin.

More information about using essential oils for the root chakra can be found in my book The Essential Oils of The Mind Body Spirit

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