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How to Use Essential Oils for Chakra Balancing

I often get asked about how to use essential oils for chakra balancing and so I wanted to include a section about the chakra colors and how they work as an interface between the emotions the physical body. Ultimately, in times of stress or disturbance, your physical health will always be affected.

I had erroneously assumed that most people knew what the chakras were and that the decision was more about whether you believed in them, rather than understanding what they do. In actual fact, many people I have spoken to have never even heard of them, even though I consider them fundamental to healing.

So, we'll start by asking...

What Are the Chakras?

The easiest way to describe them are vortices of energy that run all the way through the body and right the way through all of the etheric bodies (you may also know this as the aura).

They comprise of millions of etheric fibres or strands. In other cultures these are also seen as petals.

There are many chakras and energy points, known as nadis, throughout the body, (72000 nadis and 114 chakras), we tend to work with the seven major chakras.

Each chakra vibrates on a different color.

Crown - Violet

Pineal - Indigo

Throat - Blue

Heart - Green/Pink

Solar Plexus - Yellow

Sacral - Orange

Base - Red

The word chakra comes from the sanskrit word that means "wheel". These are wheels of energy.

Wellness depends on each chakra opening and closing effectively.

chakra colors and endocrine glands

This clockwise rotation of these spinning vortices, not only vitalises the etheric bodies, but also in turn our physical body. Chakra locations are important, as they correspond with the major nerves and endocrine glands in the body.

Chakras might also become dislodged from their correct space, presumably by strong emotions. Often if you dowse them to find the flow of energy they have drifted from their correlating organ, leading to a depletion or leakage of energy.

As colors fade, or become murky, the vibrations start to drop and work on a lower resonance.

The vibrancy of the chakra colors determines the vitality of the energy supplied to the organs.

Since chakras are barometers of the emotions and are a quintessential interface between the emotions and the physical body than can be jammed wide open or closed by extreme, raw and harsh emotions

When this happens, energy is disturbed.

Negative energy is retained, polluting the chakra colors and discharging toxicity through the organs.

Have a listen to this video I made about chakras and their functions.

Here, I reiterate the basic chakra colors in order to clarify what good health should look like. Have a quick listen.

Ok, we look at the different chakra color meanings and how they relate to health in other posts so I won't reiterate them here. See the links below. I find it easiest to understand the evolution of the energy if you learn it bottom up, so:

How To Balance Chakras Using Essential Oils

I’ve noticed a lot of websites seem to imply that most of the time you may have one dysfunctional chakra and the rest are tickety-boo.

I’ve never see that myself.

When I’m healing I usually see one is wide open which is draining energy from another and causing it to shut down. The most simplistic example would be if the crown chakra is wide open then there is usually very little energy being drawn down to the root. Vice versa too, or course.

Another common combination is too little energy coming from both the throat and the solar plexus. Likewise, if one chakra has not assimilated energy and lessons (watch the videos on the respective pages to understand that better) the power cannot move upwards. When that happens, it creates almost like a traffic jam. The blockage then eventually affects the personality and physical wel lbeing.

For this reason, you might find that you need to hop about between oils a bit, because as the energy starts to change in one, it will likely affect another.

If you watch the video about dowsing aura colors, you can do the same to discern chakras, if you find that helpful. A good tip is to use a protractor to show you 0-90% power and ask the pendulum to tell you what power each chakra has. A protractor is useful because, of course it will show you up to 180% if something is way too overactive. It takes a bit of practice, but not much.

So, although the listed oils in each section affect a chakra, for the most part they improve chakra energy. If you need to bring the energy down, you would be better to discover which oil is underactive, if you can.

Alternatively, use a blend / chakra oil a day. Seven days, seven chakras. This is how I work on myself. This way you get a good shot at each one.

Ways To Use Essential Oils For Chakra Balancing

I love essential oil baths and diffuser blends the best for this.

Take time to focus your mind on chakra meditations and simply have the oils in the background.

If you do decide to use a massage oil – which is perfectly wonderful – you consider changing it more deeply with a chakra crystal too. Make the oil the day before you use it, and leave the crystal to steep in the oil.

Anointing oils- Make in the same way as a massage oil, but this time only apply to the chakra area you want to work on. This is useful if you want to use crystals on the chakra too.

Preparing For The Effects Of Chakra Healing With Essential Oils

Chakra healing is extremely potent, but when it happens, sometimes you don’t feel a thing. It’s only days later as you feel the energy shift that you notice. Sometimes you can be blindsided as your emotional reality changes, so the next post, I focus on how to manage a healing crisis after chakra balancing with essential oils.

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