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The Downside of Detox - The Healing Crisis

My mom always used to rub her hands with glee saying “I do love a good healing crisis”. It’s very good proof that your medicine is working.

The internet makes it sound like these healing crises happen all the time.

They don’t. They’re quite rare.

Having said that, they are common enough to mention and, when they do happen they can feel hideous, so you should be aware of what to expect and how to deal with a healing crisis should one arise.

So, what is a healing crisis?

When you move toxins or energy in the body, sometimes the excretory systems can’t keep up. Often this will happen because people don’t drink enough fluids afterwards. But sometimes particularly with etheric healing, it might be that some really deeply dug in rubbish takes a few days to shift.

When it does, you really know about it!

Any kind of cleansing work will do this. You might expect it when you do a little juice detox, for example, or give up caffeine. You might find you have headaches, stuffy nose, feelings of malaise or perhaps even a water infection as the toxins remain in your body before being flushed out.

There is a specific medical term for this. It’s called the Herxheimer Reaction and is particularly prevalent when treating Lyme’s Disease. As the antibiotics kill off the bacteria and antifungals kill off yeast infection, endotoxins are left in the system which throw up secondary symptoms. These can feel even more problematic than the initial diagnosis.

In short, you will often feel worse than you did before.

There is a mantra that I always use:

“This too shall pass.”

Don’t let the warning put you off. The results “on the other side” of the healing crisis, are always worth the work.

With chakra healing and auric healing, especially if you’ve used several disciplines together, chakra healing meditations, essential oils and crystals for example, the effect can be dramatic. I thought I would describe something that happened to me very recently that really blindsided me, to be honest.

My Own Experience Of A Healing Crisis

When the Beast from The East encountered Storm Emma (snowstorms) I found myself wandering the streets in a blizzard extremely upset. The Strong Silent One had not arrived home from work after having left, on foot that morning, because of the snow, despite having injured his leg knocking it on the pile of bricks at work the previous day.

When it reached reach an hour and a half late home from work, I started to panic. I looked out of the window, saw the blizzards and deep snow and had visions of him falling over on the wayside somewhere. So, I went and spoke to the neighbours, asked them to check in on Dexter every few minutes and trundled off, wrapped up like Nanook of the North.

After half an hour of searching, I managed to get hold of one of his friend’s wives, who told me my man and his pals had gone to the pub.

I was incandescent with rage.

When I got through the door he had also just arrived home and looked bewildered because his friend was supposed to have sent me a text to tell me where he was. I’ve no reason to doubt that since in 15 years together is never gone anywhere without telling me

My brain, however, was in overdrive.

I found myself experiencing the most terrifying rage and feelings of insecurity, making me feel exactly as I had done in a traumatic relationship that dated back 20 years.

In that relationship my ex-partner would always be in the pub after work that finished at 4:30 PM and finally arrive back home at around 11:30 PM most evenings.

I'd go outside and put my hand on the bonnet of the car, just so I had an idea of roughly how long ago he’d got back, so I could gauge how dangerously drunk he might be.

To say the two men are different, is the understatement of the of the year.

The Strong Silent One is trustworthy, kind, and generous.

But for two hours after the incident, I couldn’t see that at all.

It just felt like I was reliving the hell of my previous existence all over again.

I was right back in the quagmire.

Next day, I understood what had happened.

During the previous the week, I had undergone very deep cleansing from a light worker called Melaine Evans. She had used meditation and crystal work to really purge the energy around my heart chakra.

Immediately after the treatment I hadn’t really felt that much different, although during it the crystal on my chest felt like it was boring right into me.

As the locked anger around my ex started to leave the body it came through, and fitted just like a jigsaw piece. In the blizzard I felt exactly as I had done 20 years ago.

It was so confusing and disorienting.

I felt like I had slipped through the fibres of history. I couldn't quite work out what time I was supposed t be in because my emotions simply did not match my present reality. I was crying and screaming and punching things. Those aren’t the kind of emotions I ever feel these days stop I have no reason to. And yet they came through like a charging bull. I found myself curled up in the corner just as I used to, terrified, just like in the old days.

My poor man...well you can imagine his confusion!He'd only gone to the pub for an hour and that was the first time in months.

That night was very tense. Neither of us trusted to speak to each other. I was not the nicest person on the planet, to say the least. I tried to explain that I knew it wasn’t him, but I was furious, raging and nasty.

It took a long time to get to sleep, and when I did, slumber was disrupted and dream full. But in the morning, I recognised what had happened and apologised profusely.

I was left with a splitting headache. I had such a migraine and I was aware that it was still energy that was stuck and trying to leave my body. So, I made a blend of oils that hopefully you will find useful.

How To Deal With A Healing Crisis

I used a blend of angelica seed, monarda, sweet basil and benzoin oils. (5 drops of each in 1 pt of water)

Angelica is very good at tying together the heart chakra and the third eye, and helping to let toxins leave the etheric bodies.

I blended the oils together and put them into boiling water and used them as an inhalation, to try and clear the headache but also to unblock my nose which I feel sure was still part of the enteric cleansing.

Five minutes of using the oils lifted the headache and I just felt calm.

It’s still very difficult, at the moment.

I do feel like there is still a lot of emotional disturbance happening as my body is resurfacing these repressed emotions. It would have been very dangerous for me to express how angry I was at the original time. I would probably have had my head caved in.

So, experiencing them now in a safe environment, you would imagine would feel easier.

But it doesn’t.

I still feel frightened and disoriented and ashamed, which was my overwhelming status quo at the time.

The overriding feelings of the experience, for me, were disassociation and disorientation.

I felt like I was not in this body and not in this time.

Interesting, when I looked up angelica in Deborah Eisden's book Vibrational Healing: Revealing the Essence of Nature – she said Angelica teaches that ”All time is now”. That helped a lot.

In the end, the best medicine for me came about in the form of very loud music. I put on Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge over Troubled Waters on my headphones. I found that that stabilised me a great deal. It was very clear which time I was in, and what time the emotions attached to the song belonged to. The Strong Silent One and I had had it at our wedding. Nothing about the sentiment of the song matched the old reality. It formed a safe space.

Meditation can also help, but sometimes it might feel like you’re going back into the vortex to do that. It wouldn’t have been my choice that day. Deep breathing is definitely helpful, grounding and detoxifying you. Drinking water will help clear the toxins. Lying in the bath, I also find really helps.

I’d love to hear any experiences you have had with healing crisis, whether physical or emotional, and how you found your way through it.

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