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How Do I Use Essential Oils?

Why start at the beginning with "How do I use essential oils" because many of my readers will know this inside out, I know.

Here's the thing....

Later this year I shall be hosting a global online summit about making your own essential oils blends. I'm so excited by the incredible people who have agreed to talk about how they make their essential oils blends.

I am currently recording interviews. Yesterday I was talking to Marge Clark from Nature's Gift about the emotional elements of essential oils and next week I'll record Amy Kreydin (The Barefoot Dragonfly) about how she goes about blending for people with auto-immune conditions. We have speakers on chemistry, using oils in pregnancy, even how to blend oils into your own soaps and perfumery.

It's breathtakingly exciting stuff...and you will all be able to listen free in November.

Meanwhile, though, I need to get everyone up to speed so you can hit the ground running with all the new found knowledge when it all becomes available.

So consider this my first stage of the essential oil blending guide

There will be much more to come.

So let's begin by talking about the most basic applications.

In the video I cover:

  • What is an essential oil?

  • How are they extracted?

  • Why we need to dilute them.

  • Essential oil massage blends

  • Using in the bath

  • Diffusers

  • Candles

  • The power of detoxification

  • Inhalation and its affects on the emotions

Just in case you did want to grab the book, you can find it here:

Ok Next... Blending Essential Oils

How Many Drops of Essential Oil in a Ounce?

One of the fundamental things we need to understand when we are making our own essential oil blends is how much oil to put in of each essential oil.

How do we know how much oil is safe and how on Earth d we calculate it?

Now I will concede that for many years I was utterly bewildered how mixing essential oils with carrier oil could cause anyone issues. But when I realised how difficult it was to calculate it imperial, I realised how well off I had been learning it in metric.

In our European measurements it is very straight forward.

For an average person, we say 3% dilution.

That is for every 100 drops of carrier oil, we will use three drops of each essential oil. It's very simple.

A teaspoon contains 5ml of oil which makes 100 drops so essentially we say 3 drops in a tsp of oil.

As the meerkat say "Simples...!"

For my friends in the States...all I can say is however do you know how much flour to put in a cake...?

It is highly confusing. com's how you work out how much essential oil you need to use for an imperial blend.

Here I talk about:

  • How to mix essential oils with carrier oils

  • Correct dilutions for adults, infirm, children and babies

  • What is maximum dilution?

  • A quick overview of how I got to the answer of "How many drops of oil in an oz" ...560

A little something else for you before the next video on how to create a blend. I thought you might find a little essential oil conversion chart useful.

Simply read across the oil quantities to the % you need for a person and it will tell you how many drops.

Essential oil conversion chart

So next how do we take what we have learned and make it into something that smells divine?

How To Make Essential Oil Blends

As aromatherapists we say that aromatherapy is both a science and an art. I can teach you the theory of mixing essential oils, but only practice and trial and error will help you rally start to feel the magic crackle in your hands.

Your energy is different to mine, so for example I might create scent combinations of essential oils that work amazingly for me, but not so well for you. The only way to get a really good handle on it is to explore how everyone feels about the fragrances at any given time.

Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata) for instance, seems gorgeous to me some days and hideously sickly o others. My mood has changed and so will my oils.

In this video you will learn:

  • What the different blending notes are.

  • Synergistic blending

  • How to use the blending pyramid

  • How to multiply up quantities.

Here is the essential oil blending chart for you to use.

So here's an interesting question from one of my readers though....

What happens if you use two oils with conflicting actions?

What is you blend a sedative one with an invigorating one for instance...?

What might happen then?

Does One Essential Oil Cancel Another Out?

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