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Essential Oil Oracle Card Astrological Readings for Cancer Horoscope August 2020

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Happy Leo season and welcome to your Tongue of The Trees Essential Oil Oracle Cards Reading for Cancer Horoscope 2020.

Last month's readings were so beautifully recieved, I decided to use The Tongue of The Trees Cards to read the future, instead of the past, again. To ensure there wouldn't be another remotely similar essential oil oracle reading for Cancer horoscope for August 2020, I invoke the sun goddess with a bit of gold paint and bronzer!

So, you may remember, the essential oil oracle cards were originally designed to work back from the septic mess we see with chronic pain in the physical body, to try to wind back to the root cause or trauma and indeed they are wonderful for this, when you use a spread called The Rings of The Trees.

This spread starts at number one, spirals outwards in an anticlockwise direction - widishin-over 13 cards and is designed to show the evolution of the tree over its lifetime. In the same way, we can see how a symptom may have developed and evolved over time.

Here though, we spiral forwards and when aligned with the understanding of the transits each sign is expecting over the next four weeks the cards give a powerful understanding of which oils can most support us through the lessons and changes, but also how we can best exploit the competitive advantage the universe is giving to us.

So here are your Cancer Horoscope readings for August 2020 and the recipes that jumped from the table as we looked!

Recipes follow below but here is the link if you would like to own your own deck of The Tongue of The Trees Essential Oil Oracle Cards

or if you would like to learn more about The Knowledge Base which gave me the information and training I needed to be able to do this reading.

A couple more links:

Firstly, I promised to let you watch Caroline Ingrahams video about how she uses essential oils for zoopharmacognosy.

Next, here is a link to the recordings for the online summit it came from. Recordings are reduced from £245 to £39.99 currently, to help professional aromatherapists to continue their education whilst they cannot practice. Please fel free to use this opportunity to exploit this. I am only making this video available to cancers because of the transits so, please thank the universe for the nudge!!!

If you would like your own reading please see my consultations page to make a booking. Please not that I cannot offer the 30 mins free option on this type of appointment, sadly.

I hope you have found this reading for Cancer August 2020 useful and interesting and I look forward to seeing your comments, feel free to like share and subscribe.

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