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Essential Oils for PTSD

Essential oils for PTSD are complex and interesting since the symptoms people experience are so diverse and different. Here we think about how to make choices of essential oils for PTSD based on what energetics we'd like to feel whether that be feeling calmer, more hopeful or just a little happier.

I first started thinking about essential oils for PTSD when I was writing my book on Helichrysum. So when #mentalhealthawareness week came round I decided to create a suite of videos to help emotional healing including this one about essential oils for PTSD.

Of all the conditions, I feel it is the most complex. It is unusual because whete the other conditions may have formed gradually, PTSD can affect previously mentally healthy people, and in a split second their reality changes.

Actually, a split second is not quite accurate because in this lecture, I refer to some of the research I did for my cannabis book where we talk about how memories form and you'll come to learn the fascinating nuances of how the memory decides what to keep.

Hopefully, you find this post of essential oils for PTSD helpful, and please do have a look at some of the other posts in the essential oils for mental health series.

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