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How To Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Now We Can No longer Touch.

Lockdown has changed my perspective on so many different things.

My marriage, my relationships with my children siblings and mom are stronger, I could never have imagined I could ever prefer the idea of home schooling over sending my child to class and I find I can see beauty in everything around me.

There seems to be an exquisite irony to the fact that in the quiet isolation from a a virus that plunders your sense of smell and taste, I have found I can appreciate sounds, fragrances and flavours far more intently.

Maybe it’s an acute sharpening of what’s left behind after our ability to touch has been so cruelly stolen?

Perchance it came as a timely reminder that hands that I should have been reaching out to hold my loved ones, to touch, stroke and comfort, were instead being wasted on my keyboard and phone. I wonder how I could ever have taken it all for granted.

Astrologically this month Venus has gone retrograde into Gemini, and for me, as a Cancerian, that’s my Twelfth House of dreams, imagination and altered reality and it feels such a gift. A retrograde means you experience things internally, rather than externally, and so beauty has entirely filled my soul.

Imagine, the most perfect rose, fragranced, glorious in its hue, picked for its magnificence has been placed (thorn-less) inside of your heart, that depth of beauty seems to infuse my being.

Everything seems dreamlike, melting and languid. Life’s sharp edges seem to have been smoothed and I sense depth and hidden meaning all around.

I feel like a conjuror with the most spectacular box of tricks. Marjoram, lavender and oregano, rubbed together between my fingers invoke a Mediterranean olfactory tableau. Roasting coffee beans next to my burning frankincense sweeps me to Arabia on a magic carpet. Helichrysum, turmeric and coriander has me sitting outside the Taj Mahal.

The size of our mind is limitless, and the barricades we have built around us for security, simply one type of reality.

It maybe a while till we can get on a plane, so for the moment, I’m using fragrancies to fuel fantasy, and keep my own reality sane.

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