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My Aromatherapy Heritage

Now we are getting very close to launching The Tongue of The Trees REcipe Hub, I wanted to pay homage to twopeople who unerstood essentialoils recipes in a way no-one else ever has.

Their fierce determination to treat as amny people as they could with essential oils built an empire of brown and green glass.

I'd love to show you my family's business...originally called Jill Bruce Aromatheray,and then later as it grew, the name was change to TheApothecary.

I managed to find some old footage I made with mom, about the aura, that may help you to get to know her better.

I struggled to find Michael's James Randi show, but here is some footage of him talking about dowsing.

So lovely to go through these and remember all of the wonerful times we had together.

If you are interested in subscribing to the Recipe Hub, you can find it here:

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