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Breathing is the most natural thing in the world. It should be effortless, free and easy. But if you are reading this...the chances are your breathing is not. 

You are not alone. In fact COPD is now the second biggest cause of death in the UK and the third in the United States. Breathing disorders are seriously bad news. Placing a massive burden on healthcare provision, doctors place self care for respiratory disease as one of their highest priorities. 

The question is...where on earth does one start? 

Well, interestingly in these days of drug resistant bugs and infections, scientists are exploring respiratory medicine through a whole new realm...that of the plant kingdom. Over and over again they are finding that essential oils offer some of the best effects for bronchitis, emphysema and COPD. 

Moreover, the scholars of psychoneuroimmunology have now concluded that the emotions (particularly from the past) play a vital role in the body's propensity to develop COPD, and that stress and hostility will assuredly make symptoms of chronic bronchitis and other breathing disorders worse.

Together with detailed investigations into the aromatherapy and essential oils to help maintain and support a healthy respiratory system, this bronchitis book looks at how diet, emotional wellness and lifestyle changes can break the cycle of respiratory disease. 

Some oils you may be able to guess; others are so unexpected they are like a bolt from the blue! 


  • The essential oils found to be the most effective bronchitis treatment for reducing inflammation, mucous and pain.
  • The hazardous oil able to positively affect Nitric Oxide, the gas considered vital to cardio vascular health and successful respiratory health.
  • The foods suggested by doctors and nutritionists to break the cycle of disease and support a healthier respiratory system.
  • Safe and clear instructions on how to use which oil and when for the most effective bronchitis treatment.
  • Aromatherapy recipes to clear infection, reduce pain, ease breathing and calm coughing.


Sick of being sick...? Relax...breathe....we've got this covered with natural bronchitis medicine. 

Improve your breathing, your sleep, even your emotional state and take the first steps on the road to getting your life back. Clear, simple to follow advice and insights into your illness I'll bet you never even considered before!

Bronchitis - the aromatherapy treatment

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