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Say Goodbye to Eczema....For Good with aromatherapy and essential oils. Most people appreciate that the itching and redness of eczema can be used using essential oils, but what if I told you they were capable of so much more?

Imagine if, as a therapist, you were able to pinpoint the emotions that set off these flares? Can you visualise what it would mean to your patient if you were able to isolate the very protagonist causing the eczema breakout and alleviate their pain completely? Well now you can.

This natural medicine textbook teaches you:


  • How to isolate the emotions causing the emotional cycle of pain
  • The likely food triggers for your patient and the tools to identify the exact times they will detonate a reaction
  • The familial traits and links that lead to atopic eczema
  • How these links connect with the liver and in turn how to cleanse the liver toxicity
  • Vitamins, minerals and skin remedies to cleanse and nourish the system
  • Cure eczema by alleviating one trigger at a time

This essential oils reference book contains extraordinary healing information that will not only transform the way you treat clients, but will skyrocket your clinic's takings. 

I recommend reading this essential oils book in tandem with The Professional Stress Solution and the Essential Oil Liver Cleanse to fully understand the cycles and processes of treatment. Add to it Sales Strategies for Gentle Souls and your business will stand on an entirely new footing. 

Eczema - the aromatherapy treatment

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