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Keeping a relationship alive is hard work. Making excitement last in the bedroom takes work and emotional commitment, and when things start going wrong it can test couples to destruction. But while some essential oils have aphrodisiac properties, increasing libido, feeding passion, and easing anxiety, the art of aromatherapy demands something more. 

Every love affair has its own challenges and history that contribute to sexual breakdown. Arguments develop from financial troubles, extramarital dalliances, or even failure to conceive all put enough pressure on the threads of a relationship to make it snap. That doesn’t even include the obstacle even the lustiest among us faces…tiredness and stress! These all influence the neurochemicals in our body, which in turn, dictate whether we want to have sex. And in fact, if we even can! 

Outside of problems, sometimes lovemaking gets predictable, and while that twelve minutes every Friday night is satisfying, perhaps you crave some more intensity once in a while. It is a delicate melting pot of desire and emotions that influence the physicality of sex. 


Elizabeth Ashley peels back the layers of aromatherapy and helps you to ask: 
“Why are things not so great…?”


Find out how essential oils can give you and your partner a longer, more ecstatic, and loving life together. 
Join the Secret Healer on a journey into sensuality. Put away your whips and handcuffs and forget Shades of Grey for a while. Your life is about to become far more colourful. Explode sensuality with heady jasmines, romantic roses and primal woods and resins. Create your own breathlessly aphrodisiac blends based entirely on your own relationship’s history and needs and take your lovemaking to the next ecstatic level.


  • Identify the key emotions derailing libido
  • Bridge emotional chasms 
  • Supercharge sexual chemistry
  • Rediscover sensuous togetherness
  • Experience deeper intimacy 
  • Forge happier, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships

Use aromatherapy and essential oils to create a fragrant embrace to make the two of you smile for weeks.

Fifty shades of fragrance

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