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In the early 1990’s Dr Daniel Penoel referred to Helichrysum italicum as the “Super Arnica of Aromatherapy”. One would think with such high praise that it would be in every single aromatherapy text book, but no. It was Dr Kurt Schnaubelt who pointed out that although there was no essential oils book reference before the 1980’s, the oil had been taken to every aromatherapist’s heart and was now generally accepted as one of our most healing oils. 

Other therapists described it as being the very best essential oil for healing scar tissue, but only if you used the oil distilled from plants sourced from Corsica.

All this puzzled me. I wanted to find out more. I could not have bargained for the strange journey the plant, lost in history took me on. Come with me and: 



  • Discover the Helichrysum genus which has no less than 600 chemtypes. Thirty of these grow in South Africa and have become at the core of African medicine. Five of these have been found to be able to prevent the multiplication of HIV and Herpes simplex cells.
  • Meet the ancient Greek heroes who danced in celebration of their sacred goddess and how Helichrysum decorated her temples. 
  • Climb down inside a Roman Necropolis and see how this “Sun –Gold” plant was used to say farewell to the dead. 
  • Navigate the minefield of essential oil chemistry and understand which bottle of oil to use for each different condition.


In particular: 

Become intimately knowledgeable in an oil which is unsurpassed in aromatherapy and essential oils for treating: 


  • Physical and emotional trauma
  • Insidious infection on a dangerous scale
  • Skin remedies including scar tissue, (new and old)
  • Bruising and hematoma
  • PTSD
  • Addiction
  • Skin disease
  • Skin care
  • Stretch marks
  • Liver Disease
  • Cholesterol 


And, if that is not enough for you….Is even proven to increase weight loss!

Learn how the professional aromatherapists and experts use Helichrysum italicum with a whole section of essential oils recipes using the oil.


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