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The Essential Oil Liver Cleanse focuses on a detox cleanse using aromatherapy and essential oils.

It is however a complete natural medicine text book. The aromatherapy is supplemented with detox diet guidelines, chiropractic indicators and vitamin therapy. Underpinning all the physical healing are comprehensive notes about which emotions and organs affect the liver.

We are warned of the threats of heart attacks, strokes and cancer, especially if we are overweight. What is kept quieter is doctors have established a link between toxicity in the liver and metabolic syndrome, the condition that leads to many of these conditions. What's more non fatty liver disease is known to underlie many other conditions such as eczema, allergies and headaches. 

The scandal is just how many of our livers are struggling under the strain of over processed foods, pharmaceutical debris and actually even our own bad tempers! 

This essential oils books reference point includes:

  • The importance of the liver and it's functions
  • How it becomes dysfunctional and how to interpret warning signposts
    How to cleanse and nourish using not just essential oils, but also vitamins and minerals and diet.
  • The strange correlation between how our emotions and how this can translate into disease.
  • How to implement other therapies such as chiropractic, acupressure and counselling and how to secure fantastic referrals.

The essential oil liver cleanse

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