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Monarda, The beautiful native American medicinal plant in essential oil form...

Science now confirms that emotional distress and trauma underlies disease. Our bodies process these in enigmatic and puzzling ways and whilst doctors can soothe symptoms it is hard for them to treat the very root of disease. Essential oils heal the body on a physical body but affect the bodymind and subtle bodies in so many ways it is almost impossible to comprehend. 

The gifted healer understands that symptoms are as individual as the people experiencing them . They strive to comprehend the spiritual and emotional pathways the patient journeys and choose oils that will lead the sentient mind to a better place...taking the body with it.

The Secret Healer unlocks the medicine of aromatherapy, one beautiful oil at a time. Bringing together ancient wisdom from the shamen and ancient healers of antiquity and into the clinical labs researching essential oils for medicines today, she lifts the reader’s comprehension of essential oils way above the questionable knowledge found on internet pages right into New Paradigm Medicine .

  • Discover the ancient healing of monarda and how native American Indians have used it since a time before records began.
  • Understand their Elk Medicine and the wisdom it imbues.
  • Discover how to translate the learning of their sacred sweat lodge and sun dances into your own essential oil healing at home.
  • Witness the dissipating magic of how the hummingbird’s favourite flower enables us let even the most traumatic events go.
  • Create blends for emotional, physical and spiritual wellness from a plant that will grow happily in many peoples’ gardens.

Monarda - a native American medicine

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