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Paperback – 2014
Jill Bruce, Secret Knowledge series

Symptoms of depression can linger well after loved ones' patience has stood up and walked away. Anxiety symptoms are numbed by the doctor's drugs, but happiness still evades the sufferer for some time to come. The truth is Mind Body Spirit healing takes as long as it takes. Out of the Labyrinth captures the metaphysical process of healing depression perfectly" Elizabeth Ashley- Author of The Secret Healer Series.

Recovery from chronic illness can be long and miserable. Victorians viewed convalescence as invaluable, and were very skilled in it. Today, the word is rarely heard. The modern world tends to ignore it. Often there is a chasm between the cessation of medicine and the feeling of well being. Jill Bruce explains how to bring yourself through this dreary time into an energetic and well balanced lifestyle. You use no medicines or therapies. Through Ancient Wisdom, Jill will lead you to your own inner strength and happiness

Out of the Labyrinth

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