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In the quest for essential oil enlightenment, the true art of aromatherapy often gets lost. The use of essential oil recipes to heal the physical body means the holistic nature of disease is too often overlooked. Alternative therapy begins to mimic the mainstream medicine of the doctor, seeking to supress symptoms and achieving little else. Aromatherapy is capable of so much more. Peeling back the layers of dis-ease of the spirit, of emotional upset and of lifestyle imbalance, the gifted therapist looks at the patient and seeks to understand why.

• Why does this person’s skin echo the heartbreak that they feel?

• Why does their emotional wellness seem reflected in their temper?

• Why does their anxiety seem connected with things getting on their nerves?

• What is the strange mystery causing introverted peoples skins inflame more than those of their extroverted friends?

Originally written for The Aromatherapy Thymes, NAHA Journal, Aromatika and Aroma Culture, The Secret Healer’s articles give insights into the thought processes and conversations between professional therapists, and how they take their essential oils knowledge to take that mastery of medicine to the next level of healing. Ashley shows how to strip back layers of disease and find clues of how disease may have become manifest. For regular readers of The Secret Healer Series there are small reminders of the knowledge found in the Helichrysum, Rose and Vetiver books. But treats abound with new essays on oils such as luscious Sweet Orange, mysterious Scot’s Pine, and studies on carrier oils too. Also including key note lectures given at professional conferences – “Rose – Goddess Medicine” given at the 2015 IFA Conference in Beijing and “The Endocannabinoid System” given at Aromatika Drops given in Budapest in 2017, the collection showcases the myriad skills that contribute to a professional aromatherapists virtuosity with essential oils.

Essential Oil Reference Book: Articles and Lectures

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