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Emails fly between scientific departments across the globe. Researchers from Iran, Switzerland and Thailand excitedly discuss their findings about how men they have treated with extracts of rose have recovered lost sexual function and started to rise out of deep depression after just eight weeks. 

Their work follows an equally ground breaking paper published in a 2012 edition of Chemical Senses. Japanese researchers studied the effects that rose essential oil had on stress related skin flare ups. Carefully plotting the neurochemical pathways triggered by the rose they were able identify exactly how stress affects the skin, but more rose can prevent these break outs too.


Most excitingly the medicine was not taken internally, or even applied to the skin, it was achieved entirely by inhalation of essential oils. Aromatherapy in its absolute truest sense.

Orthodox medicine now accepts the mind body spirit connection, and is making extraordinary leaps forward explaining exactly emotional distress affects the physical body. This book investigates the contemporary medicine achieved by rose and compares it with the ancient medicines from long ago. 

Come with me and....

  • Meet Innana, the Ancient Sumerian goddess whose power was embodied by the rose.
  • Trace roses journey from Innana’s temple in Uruk, through Ancient Egypt and Greece up to contemporary modern day labs.
  • Gaze upon ancient writings from Ancient Egypt, Medieval India and even Avicenna’s scripts all describing their usage of rose long ago.
  • Understand the massive influence that Unani medicine had in helping rose achieve the superstar status she enjoys today.
  • Discover Chinese Medicine principles, entirely unheard of in Western medicine that affect sensual healing so deeply.


Every day someone asks me which essential oils should be in a good aromatherapy tool kit. Rose is most certainly one, but it is a costly oil, expensive in the extreme. By the end of this book, every reader will say, that price tag is not nearly enough.

For rose truly is...a timeless elixir, unmatched in her beauty and power.

Rose - Goddess medicine

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