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Stress is pandemic in our society.

Scientists agree it plays a quintessential role in how likely it is we will suffer from chronic and possibly fatal illnesses in the future. Risk factors of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, stroke and heart disease are increased through stress.

The daft thing is....aromatherapy and essential oils can do amazing things to ease it, and potentially aromatherapists could take a massive workload away from the doctor's surgeries.

  • Discover the hormonal changes and peptide triggers that change a persons health and mental state.
  • Learn how it affects the liver, adrenals and pituitary gland.
  • Uncover the strange phenomenon of Yin disease, and how it relates to stress and diseases.
  • Build a better foundation of stress management techniques and care, but also a knowledge base that means you can sell your stress release treatments more effectively.
  • Improve your healing skills set.
  • Supercharge your referrals potential from other complementary therapists and orthodox medicine alike.


Includes essential oils books reference free bonus material:

  • Chiropractic chart of misalignments and potential organic disturbance
  • Chart of the meridians and suggested acupressure points to supercharge your stress treatment to detox the organs more quickly
  • Detailed information about how stress and anxiety management framework improve the patients condition with stress vitamins and minerals therapy
  • In depth dietary advice
  • Free hypnotherapy relaxation download


Essential Oils are The Off Switch for stress. The Professional Stress Solution is the ON SWITCH for your aromatherapy business.

Stress solution - holistic health management techniques

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