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Paperback – first edition
Jill Bruce, Secret Knowledge series

Not just your average aromatherapy and essential oil's like entering fairyland and shaking hands with sylphs, water nymphs and devas. I love spending time in The Garden of is an utterly and enchanting and magical place. My favourite essential oils manual" Elizabeth Ashley, Author of the The Secret Healer Series.


Did you think the Earth is run by science and men? Think again. Jill Bruce investigates how plants evolve to produce our medicines before we think we need them, and how they help all parts of our existence. 100 essential oils are discussed, for their mind, body and spirit properties. Their connections to astrology, the cabala, the aura, numerology, the chakra and colors are described, and instructions on how to use them in all their different guises are included. Transform your health, wealth and happiness with essential oils and the very real version of a sprinkle of pixie now!

The Garden of Eden

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