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Essential Oils for The Throat Chakra

In this post we look at how using essential oils for the throat chakra can affect the emotional, mental and physical bodies. I'll begin by giving you a list of some of my favourite essential oils for the throat chakra and then we can move onto details about the chakra and particularly what throat chakra imbalance can look like.

Throat Chakra Color


Throat Chakra Frequency

384 Hz

Throat Chakra Meaning

The throat chakra is the wheel of energetic light connecting our faculties of communication and expression with our physical body.

It reflects the personality that we transmit to the world. Expression comes in two very different guises. The first is how we communicate with the outside world. That might be how we speak to other people but also how we dress, how we signal to others who we are and what our values are.

But expression is also very much about creativity. Our inspiration, the colour and vibrancy that we portray to the world. On the most practical level, it could be simply influenced by being able to find time to paint or embroider or even tinker with an old motor bike. It is about finding the personal time and space to let your practical juices flow.

Self-expression, of course, has a very large connection to the independence we find in life. This chakra has vital connections with our understanding and wisdom that, ultimately, we have our own free will to be exactly who we want to be. It teaches us that the way that we connect with other people and, in fact, the universe at large, is your own choice alone. One of the primary lessons of this chakra is that thoughts, when put out into the world, have consequences.

That we are masters of our own destiny and that as such we carry great responsibility. How do we feel about that, and how do we cope with it?

The throat chakra dictates that. As the last gateway from the physical and emotional bodies into the mental realm, reflecting how we put our feelings into words, for example. It also portrays how we begin to understand what those feelings might mean.

Here the throat chakra makes our ideas more concrete things, as we cast them out into the universe in the form of words.

The energy of the throat chakra is determined by how free we feel in that expression. Whether we feel faith in our inner voice and have the capability to just…let go.

Ridicule and Fear

The pendulum of balance will be dictated by fear of ridicule and judgement, but that pendulum will also lead to our levels of judgement.

An over active throat chakra doesn’t care a toss what anyone else thinks. They speak without thinking. Pick holes in what people are doing. They’ve got absolutely no filter, and the things they say are harsh and really not very nice.

They shout. Won’t let you get a word in edge ways and are often abusive.

By contrast, the underactive throat chakra won’t speak up even though it would be more than warranted. Where an open throat chakra says “You WILL give me that now” the closed one feels they cannot ask for anything they need.

Here, unusually you can see how one person’s chakra might affect another. Usually you would see one over active chakra paired with another one with too little energy in the same person. Here, the bullishness of one open one, will eventually lead to a very timid and closed chakra in another's.

Obviously, we might see this in romantic partners, but just as often it might be from a work dynamic, or even sibling or parent and child. Clearly, one can only guess at that, since you are unlikely to see the two people together, in a consultation, to be able to dowse them!!!

The throat chakra also has a great deal to do with boundaries and finding middle ground.

What Causes a Blocked Throat Chakra?

There are two specific triggers I can pinpoint here, but there will be more, I am sure.

Guilt will block the energy flow, as will irritation.

I had originally learned that being irritated with someone would be the protagonist, but when I have watched myself, I’ve noticed it is just as likely to be irritation with something, in my case. (Usually video uploads!!!) I’m not so likely to change personality, as to cough and then become quite nasty to everyone around me.

Personality Traits of Throat Chakra Imbalance

In balance, we see good creative people, sensible, who give sound advice.

More, you will find that life flows smoothly and easily for them. There aren’t many hiccups and opportunities seem to fall in their laps. That’s good manifestation, you see, and probably, the energy is vital enough to get to the brow chakra too. But, these are not egotists, they can see their own weaknesses, accept, and appreciate them and are likely doing some work to put them right. They express their short comings easily…in a matter of fact fashion.

Part of the reason they succeed, is this is also the centre of will. They don’t mind doing the work to get things going. Again, note its location; it’s between the mental and physical bodies, the two are aligned, connected and communicating. The body will do the bidding of the mind, but similarly the body is happy to take instruction from the mind. The will is string enough to make things happen.

Those of you who read my work often will have clocked why the throat chakra is an area of such interest to me: I have breathing issues and I sing. Clearly communication is the cornerstone of my business. If this chakra moves off beat, I am up Shit Creek without a paddle!

But, more this will power thing is fascinating to me, because Addiction often plays out in throat chakra issues. It's almost as if their will power seeps away, they lose their sense of purpose or focus and addiction seems to take it's place.

Certainly, they will often become very lazy. If a throat chakra is slammed shut a person lacks authority in their communication. One would surmise that sooner, or later, they probably just give up. In those cases, and chemical oblivion seems to be a sweet respite from being ignored.

We might think drink and drugs, but in my own case it’s food…particularly sugar. Add that to the fact we have thyroid and metabolism issues with this chakra, the need to sit on my ass to write and when it’s out of alignment, I have a very soft padded seat indeed.

Jammed Open Chakra

So from a personality point of view we have already talked about mouse and monster, but there is a subtler nuance here. Remember the issue is “Fear of Judgement”. Through necessity then we might see distortions of truth.

Different to the brow chakra where we see self-deception and paranoia, this is the words that come out of your mouth. Clearly, we are talking about boundaries yet again here as we start to see that words have consequences.

This is a very central message of throat chakra medicine…that every action will have repercussions.

It’s a very useful theme to look for in people who have breathing illnesses, in particular, asthma sufferers and people with stammers too. This can be a physical manifestation of that same realisation They don’t want to lie, but their mind won’t quite let them settle into speaking freely either.

For this reason, we can expect to see learning disabilities here, as well as in the third eye chakra. Listen to what the child says…if she can’t concentrate, it’s third eye, if she doesn’t feel heard…here’s your possible problem.

Emotional and Mental Aspects of Throat Chakra Healing


Potentially that may be the only word you need to know.

Does the person feel nurtured or do they feel afraid of being judged or ridiculed?

Where did that start? Is it a new thing? It is a childhood trend?

Did something shock them into a place where they might be afraid to tell the truth.

All throat chakra issues.

Paradoxically in amongst all of this "I Speak" expression, silence is very much a throat chakra activity. Aligning chakras often involve chanting and mantras, but perhaps silence reminds us that hearing other people's expression is just as much of value.

You might find this video I made about the throat chakra interesting.

Medical astrology can give us some more insights here, and I’ll build on this is the weeks to come, but…

The mantra of the throat chakra is “I Speak” so as such it has connections with two planets: Mercury and Neptune.

Mercury is the planet of communication. Psychologically it rules swift intellect and, coincidentally, like the throat chakra, is also governed by the colour blue. Mercury rules things to do with manual dexterity and practicality, so we have a connection with creation again. This ability to make thoughts become a reality; to build.

If you want understand Mercury medicine more deeply it is featured, in depth,in my Clary Sage book.

Neptune might, in many ways, be construed as the dark side of the throat chakra.

Known as “The Great Deceiver” it has strong links with addictions and the way that they make a person act. Lies, misdirection, deceit; all Neptunian qualities.

Neptune also represents the misfits of society, and those who feel oppressed. On the flipside, Neptune naturally has a bright side. It rules charismatic leaders and glamorous stars.

Physical Manifestations of Throat Chakra Imbalance

As you would imagine sore throats are a very strong physical indicator of disturbance here. Other possible signs would be a stiff neck, coughs, and colds.

Since it is aligned with the thyroid, we can often see issues with metabolism, in general.

Other areas of the body that are controlled and connected by the throat chakra are the parathyroid, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

External limbs that again...reach out.

So how do we balance throat chakra energy?

The techniques are simple, but like the other chakras they are elastic. They will ping back, over and over, at least for a while. This idea of “I Speak” is very deeply ingrained into the psyche and personality. It’s not an easy thing to maintain.

In my post about the aura, I’ve put a video about flushing the aura with a colour to change your demeanour-how you feel, but also the messages you put out to other people – and the same can be done with the chakras.

I think, probably with the throat chakra more than any other there is an element of fake it ‘till you make it.

Acting confident, eventually leads to you being more confident…if that makes sense?

Visualising the vibrant blue light, in the V at the bottom of the throat is the representation of the opening chakra. It will make you readier to say those things you think you need to. The more you focus on it, the more likely that the words will finally splutter from your mouth.

It’s very healthy stuff.

So that’s the visual healing, but of course there are solfeggio frequencies that help you tap into the wave length in just the same way. Personality, I find that easier to do, but then I am an auditory person anyway. That’s the way I learn. This video is useful because it has the blue and the throat chakra healing music together.

If you search other pages, you will find crystals and foods that alter our frequencies and again these are amazing for removing chakra blockages.

It’s important to remember the objective of the healing is to get energy flowing again; vital life force, and we want to get it flowing upwards, but also downwards too in this continuous sacred spiral.

The throat chakra is known as the centre of purification, because nectar and poison are separated out here. Not only the [poisonous / necwords uttered, but the nectar drawn down from insights drips down from the spiritual and mental bodies into the physical here. This may well be crossroads that decides just how healthy we will be.

Given that then, I suggest trying to do some kind of throat chakra work at least once a day. That sounds difficult, but I just play throat chakra meditations on Youtube when I am lying in the bath or put it on my headphones when I am walking to school. Likewise, of course, you can make a blend of oils that you put for each day. It’s all weight to the therapy.

Essential Oils For The Throat Chakra

Cade, Cajuput, Cedarwood, Cypress, Dill, Garlic, Ginger, Grapefruit, Helichrysum, Oregano, Rosemary, Bulgarian Lavender, Rose Otto (Distilled) Peppermint, Neroli

Use in a burner (Cade will smell pretty foul though!) Create a throat chakra healing oil and rub it into the V shape of the neck or use it across the entire body. Make some balancing bath oils for the bath.

I don’t really sense any change in the actual chakras when I balance them with essential oils, or colour, until I see the result…i.e I feel psychologically, emotionally, or physically different.

By contrast, I can feel the frequencies potently in my physical body. Throat chakra blockages feel like a pressure in my chest or face, depending on the blockages, and it feels as if a thread is pulling hard on the energy. It’s very weird, and it ca feel really hard work, as if I can’t get my breath, but it’s definitely very helpful.

For more information about subtle aromatherapy, why not treat yourself to a copy of my Essential Oils of The Mind Body Spirit.

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