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Essential Oils for Mental Health

I was under prepared, as ever for the number of questions about essential oils for mental health when #MentaHealthAwareness week came around, and it got me thinking how difficult it must be to get good, reliable data about essential oils when you are taking information from educators who have potentially have an agenda in terms of selling you their oils.

So I decided to create an objective resourse to be able to help.

This is a suite of videos, aimed to help you navigate the pitfalls of trying to understand the ins and outs of essential oils for mental health issues.

One of the main concerns I had was that perhaps information might not be objective.

For example when people want to know about aromatherapy they always want to know the supporting science....

Give me proof....

What do the scientists say?

And if we're not careful we can easily be let to think that certain experiments are evidence, when actually, they're not.

A + B doesn't necessarily = C

So this next video is to address that point, but also where the strengths and weaknesses of videos like this lie.

Essential Oils for Mental Health:

How do Essential Oils work for anxiety and depression:

Essential oils for PTSD:

Best Essential oils for Depression:

Essential oils for Happiness:

Do Essential Oils really work for anxiety and depression:

Essential Oils for stress and anxiety:

Essential Oils for Sadness:

Essential oils for grief:

What Essential oils are good for Anxiety:

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