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How Do Essential Oils Work (For Anxiety and Depression?)

This video "how do essential ols work for anxiety and depression, was created as part of my essential oils for mental health series, made for #mentalhealthawareness week.

I'm aware that many people are likely to search for internet information about essential oils for mental health but perhaps not have any background in aromatherapy and be wondering how essential oils even could work.

So I created this video as an insight to how the brain reacts to fragance and help you feel more comfortable using scents as a way to influence your mind.

Essential Oils for Mental Health:

How do Essential Oils work for anxiety and depression:

Essential oils for PTSD:

Best Essential oils for Depression:

Essential oils for Happiness:

Do Essential Oils really work for anxiety and depression:

Essential Oils for stress and anxiety:

Essential Oils for Sadness:

Essential oils for grief:

What Essential oils are good for Anxiety:

Over the next few weeks I will add more videos to this to show how essential oils work for other conditions too.

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