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Essential oils for Sadness

This essential oils for sadness post is part of a series of posts I created for #MentalHealthAwareness week. It's a very generic and quite light set of oils, really for the days where you've got the don't-want-to's or when you're just having a few off days.

If that sounds like it might not be enough for you, please scroll down to below the video and you'll see the links for the harder punching ones like, for instance "The best essential oils for depression.

Essential Oils for Mental Health:

How do Essential Oils work for anxiety and depression:

Essential oils for PTSD:

Best Essential oils for Depression:

Essential oils for Happiness:

Do Essential Oils really work for anxiety and depression:

Essential Oils for stress and anxiety:

Essential Oils for Sadness:

Essential oils for grief:

What Essential oils are good for Anxiety:

Thanks so much for your interest in this post. Please feel free to post any comments you have about other essential oils for sadness below.

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