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Aura Color Meanings and Their Part In Energetic Healing

The first thing people always want to know, when I talk about subtle aromatherapy, is about their own aura color meanings.

If they understood even half of what can be achieved through chakra and aura healing, they’d be far more interested in digging deeper, looking past the basic colors to discover how it can be used to potentially better understand and recognise illness manifesting in the body.

I wanted to make this post as comprehensive as possible so it's long! I've broken it down into separate chunks if you want to skip any parts.

Here’s what we’ll cover.

  • Aura Definition – What on Earth is this weird rainbow everyone is talking about?

  • Aura Seeing? Is it a real thing and can I learn to do it?

  • Aura Color Meanings

Aura Definition

Let's start by looking up the Oxford English Dictionary dictionary aura definition and work out from there.

1. A distinctive air or quality considered to be characteristic of a person or thing

2. Any invisible emanation, such as a scent or odour

3. Pathol strange sensations, such as noises in the ears or flashes of light, that immediately precede an attack, esp of epilepsy

4. (In parapsychology) An invisible emanation produced by and surrounding a person or object: alleged to be discernible by individuals of supernormal sensibility


How Rude!

I should explain, I have a couple of odd traits that day to day, are not very useful, but in terms of being an aromatherapist, can be extremely helpful sometimes.

The first is that I hear essential oils as musical notes, and the second is that I was born seeing auras, as was my sister and our mum. I'd always thought everyone could see them and everyone saw them the same way as I did – especially of course since we commented on them between us.

One day, when I was about ten, it occurred to me that it was odd to me people painted portraits without people’s rainbows. Gradually, it dawned on me that everyone saw aura colors like I did!

So, I see auras; what does that mean?

Think of medieval paintings of saints with golden halos around their heads. That’s probably the closest representation you will get. Or when you see a full moon on a cold night and it seems to have a glow around the outside of it. Sometimes street lamps do that too.

That’s exactly how I will see your aura.

But rather than seeing a circle around the top of your head, it looks more like the ReadyBrek man with the red glow around his body. Instead of seeing just the one aura color, it’s like a rainbow right around you.

Day to day, I don’t really notice them any more, I tend to switch it off because it feels like a distraction unless I’m working (no different to how you eventually zone out the sound of youtube videos or other background noise).

Occasionally, I might just see flashes of aura colors around someone’s head. That happens a lot if they sit in front of a white wall.

The Aura and The Etheric Bodies

We all accept we have a physical body. We can touch it, and we can see it.

So, we can be absolutely certain that it is there.

But, what is really intriguing to me is we all have at least one other body, and some people might even say that we have seven.


The etheric bodies, or the aura, don't start on the outside of the body.

What actually happens is they flow right the way through it, forming a quintessential part of the physical body. Larger than the physical body, it protrudes about eighteen inches outside of it, all the way round.

Etheric Bodies and Spirit

It is believed the aura is the seat of our spirit. The part of us that is quintessentially “YOU”.

So, is the aura what people see as ghosts?

We don’t think so, no.

When the physical body dies, the etheric body gradually fades away over the following three days. Very much part of our earthly existence, it seems to measure our emotions and personality.

Placement of Aura Colors

Aura colors should be basically separate from each other and it is the clarity and purity of the hue that indicates the person’s personality and state of mind. Often if someone is in a very confused state of mind, I notice their aura colors appear jumbled too.

Likewise, if someone is not living their life to the fully in this plane of existence the colours look muddy and paler.

The colours in the body are usually placed, but not always, in the same pattern as the rainbow. Some people might have all of them, although this is rare especially with the more spiritual shades, and most people tend to have just three or four. The colors nearest to the head are usually the ones that will usually give you clues as to what might be going on in the physical body- red, orange and yellow.

Aura Colors, Character and Personality

Assessing a person’s personality and especially his/her mood by looking at their aura is easy, and to be honest often you may have done that yourself, not even noticing the colors, but sensing a sort of down, angry or somewhat “off vibration”

One of the reasons I tend to block out mu “aura-seeing” is so I don’t go into any conversations with prejudice. Where character is not so easy to see, someone’s state of mind is very easy to discern. I feel it’s very important that one does not necessarily mean the lead to the other. In other words, someone might not be a very nice person today, but that doesn’t mean they are not a good person per se….

I mean, that’s what menstruation is for right?!!!

But more, one color can be interpreted so many different things, that my bran doesn’t process them all quickly enough to give people fair opportunities.

One reason I am so interested in the mind body connection and psychoneuroendocrinology in particular, is there is a faction of thought who believe it is the etheric body that thinks, and not the brain at all.

If you watch it clairvoyantly you notice the aura begin to change color with a person’s emotions. It turns olive green when a person is being deceitful or red when they argue.

And what's most interesting to me is if you read Dr. Candace Pert's book The Molecules of Emotion, she speaks of how a guru came to visit her and placed a picture of the chakras over an illustration of where the neurotransmitters were most densely located in the body...and the two pictures were an almost identical match.

She thought the chakras, these vortices of energy were probably hubs of neurotransmitters.

Also, if it hasn’t occurred to you yet, aura color meditations are an incredibly useful tool. Flushing the aura with healing colors not only influences the mind, but oersonality, presence but also, of course the physical body too.

The color and aura vibrancy depends on how well the chakras vitalise the etheric bodies. They strengthen and revitalise the aura.

Consider this….

There are seven chakras, wheels of energy that correlate with the organs of the body, and particularly with the endocrine glands. These chakras, each have their own colors…

E.g heart chakra = green

Yellow chakra = solar plexus

As the vibration of the color in the aura changes, it aligns with the chakric color, then feeds information through that now open gateway into the physical body.

It’s totally unrelated, but you know how oddly my mind works. Thinking about the cross play between the aura and chakras always brings to intro to Elementary to mind. (Oh yes, Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes - another Liza crush!)

Take a moment to watch how the marble runs….

Could that be like the message weaving its way through the etheric levels, plopping into the chakra…the cog rotates then plops it into an organ, disrupting and instruction neurotransmission…

Are those nervous feelings in your chest and tummy the brain’s interpretation of those marbles disrupting our internal chemistry…?

Just a thought.

Before we move on, if you want to know more about essential oils and the aura on a much deeper level, here's my mum's book.

Ok, so onto....

Aura Color Meanings

Before we begin, I just want to remind you one color rarely means the same thing in two people, so interpretation is very subjective. Use your intuition about what else you know about the person to create an opinion.

Red Aura

Red is the color of life blood so if someone has a predominantly red aura color aura they are quite likely to be rather aggressive. However, you register it permeating the entire aura, kind of streaking across it in lines, it is likely you will also have noticed the person has a dynamic and magnetic personality.

When I think of this I always imagine someone who can capture the imaginations of millions, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and of course Jesus Christ giving the Sermon on The Mount. (Although, I’m guessing his would be white gold or purple, mainly)

People with red auras are special people.

Ones that get noticed.

Ones with messages that they absolutely have to convey.

What’s more you want to listen.

They are mesmeric, and you will want to follow them to the ends of the world.

It is also the color of sex, naturally you notice more of it in of young people’s auras.

So, if someone has a lot of red in their aura, but equally they seem to be quite a balanced individual, then you can probably surmise rather than being aggressive per se, they are probably driven, dynamic and daring. These are enterprising people.

Lock up your daughters…these guys are extremely attractive to the opposite sex.

And vice versa.

Lots of films stars have red auras.

Remember too, that vibrant is good.

Murky, not so much.

Negative RedAura Color Meanings

A bright red in the aura then, shows a healthy balance, cloudy colours indicate things like greed and selfishness.

Orange Aura

Orange is connected to material wealth.

Having an orange aura, or flashes of orange, is a healthy signal you have done well in your life and are pleased with what you have achieved.

Clearly, colors run in a spectrum as where they overlap, so will the vibration. So….

There are elements of red in the color orange so here again we see a theme of power.

Here though, the orange aura color more likely indicates a position of responsibility, or potentially even a managerial post. I am tempted to use the word controlling people, but that seems to have quite a negative connotation and I don’t mean that, so let’s say managing people.

The brighter the orange the closer is to yellow, the color of communication too.

This orange aura color is wonderfully persuasive; very likeable.

It is the ambitious leader whose enthusiasm carries his staff along with him.

Negative Orange Aura Colors

But then let’s put this into a clinical context.

What if our hero starts to get over looked for promotion, or no longer fits the vision of the company….

What do you think will happen?

As thwarted ambition starts to show itself….

The bright orange aura color loses its vibrancy and turns into a murky orange


And orange aura messages communicate to the orange chakra, which is the sacral chakra, which in turn clicks into organs at the pelvis. So, expect to see menstrual problems, genito-urinary, sexuality and sensuality….

You see, you weren’t expecting to love this were you?

It’s so enigmatically weird, right?!

Yellow Aura

Yellow is the energetic colour of the planet Mercury and therefore it rules communication. It is a very common aura color and it would be unusual to find an aura without it.

Very intellectual people have this aura color in abundance, and you’ll also notice around people who communicate at every level.

So, a bright yellow aura indicates good thought processes and a communicative, interested and optimistic outlook in life.

It indicates someone is at a very good place in their life, at the moment. (There’s an interesting distinction isn’t it. You’ll notice the colors change depending on their emotions, remember)

Their colors tell you they feel joyous about life, and sense freedom in it. Recognising they have choices, options and opportunities, they have no worries of being tied to situations that no longer suit them.

You could say content with their lot, I suppose.

But that is not to say resting on their laurels.

It’s awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action.

The yellow aura is an indication of real spark. Excitement about what's going to happen next. Creative and expressive, and it portrays and effusive outlook.

Negative Yellow Aura Color Meanings

Problems occur when you begin to see muddy shades of yellow.

Turn all those contented, creative ideals on their head you begin to see how the yellow aura can become blocked.

Try to imagine how a salesman would sound if he were desperate to retain a sale but could feel it slipping away from him.

Can you visualise the shrillness starting to enter his voice?

Now translate that into a color.

No longer a nice shiny yellow, the vibration of aura color shifts to a sharp lemon and this aura color can often be seen if someone feels they are losing control of a situation.

Our saleman may have commenced negotiations with a beautiful healthy yellow, portraying his perceived powerful position, but this change shows him recognising it slip away.

The same would apply to all of the things he perceives go with that.

He may worry he is losing respect or standing in the community, for some reason, perhaps.

Or it need not be a business relationship at all, of course. It could just as easily betray someoe’s feelings about valued personal relationships becoming more difficult or distant.

Again, let's picture a brilliant, promising college student studying for his finals. All semester he’s been confident and assured, and let's be honest giving it the big "I am" to everyone who will listen.

Now it's the run up to his finals and suddenly he finds that those facts just won't stick.

He becomes frustrated, stress and starts to panic.

The lovely healthy sunflower yellow turns into a murky brownish yellow, as he over analyses the data, and tries unsuccessfully to cram, struggling against the ticking clock.

You might also witness the yellow aura loses some of its intensity and substance when a person has lost a little bit of the impetus and realism required to carry out their actions. In turn, they become an impractical dreamer.

Green Aura Color Meaning

Finding green aura tones is very common and indicates what is happening in someone’s world. Ideally the green should be bright vibrant emerald green, portraying them as happy with their world and satisfied with their lot.

Green also shows a person’s healing abilities but more specifically it speaks of their relationship with energy and with the universe; the ways they channel energy for the good of the planet. In terms of healing people emotionally and physically, green flashes grow brighter and more pronounced the more accomplished a healer becomes.

Energy, of course, extends to nature too, demonstrating how they interact with animals and perhaps plant life too. Those vital green colors run, quite literally, to the tips of their green fingers aiding their encouragement of growth and life.

Negative Green Aura Color Meanings

Physically, the green in the aura relates to the heart and lungs.

When emotions relating to the heart start to turn negative, so do the green tones. Muddy greens often indicate jealousy and low self-esteem.

Intrinsically linked to the heart chakra, when the green aura turns this muddy green you’ll notice the person has a deep conviction they are a victim of the world. They feel down trodden and feeling lost, and believe they have nothing left to give. It’s a kind of a dark side of a competitive edge.

Blue Aura Color Meaning

The blue aura is difficult to describe because in the same way that there are many shades of blue, there are as many different interpretations of what it could mean.

It is a very artistic and creative color and tends to show itself as a person expresses themselves well.

Pale blue is a lovely healing color. Think of the nurse speaking in hushed tones, soothing the frightened patient. But blue somehow means something close to that of survival.

Just as the nurse communicates a desire to live to her patient, so the explorer hacking away at the jungle leaves will also shine this color.

Naturally, the more passionate they feel about their mission the more vitality in the color we see radiating through.

When someone is in the zone….in full flight, explaining theories for example or perhaps even channelling information clairvoyantly you will see bright shocking electric blue.

Mostly though, it’s a happy color, telling you someone is relaxed and at comfortable with what they are doing.

I suppose in a way you could say it shows a person is on the right life path really, because it is a very clearly an expression of using the gifts that god gave you

Negative Blue Aura Color Meanings

Murky blues often indicate someone is frightened of something going on in their life at the moment, or that they are terrified a situation has the capacity to drag them under.

Likewise, this blue might also mean that the person is afraid of expressing themselves. You can also see how that might be a cyclical problem, frightened of something, but too frightened to speak about it and how this dirty blue aura color then translates to a blocked throat chakra,

Since the aura and chakras vitalise each other, when the chakra no longer opens and closes efficiently, it not only alters the vibration of the aura color, but also affect the part of the body connected to the associated chakra.

So for example: blue in the aura relates to the throat but also the thyroid too.

After the harmonious greens are the more spiritual blues is the old soul aura color purple.

Violet Aura Color Meanings

When I say violet aura, I am going to say that this would also encompass what you might call a purple aura or indeed an indigo aura. Those familiar with indigo children, will realise there are definite connections here too.

You’ll most likely find these shades in the very outer most reaches of the aura, being spiritual dimensions rather than more physical traits. A violet aura is something I have only seen rarely. It’s the colour of a spiritual, very special destiny.

Again. Interpretations are going to be slightly different dependent on the person whose aura you see it in. There is no hard and fast purple aura definition, only guidelines. With this color, however, you know that you have caught a glimpse of someone really quite exceptional.

A vibrant violet aura color is extremely humanitarian. The person showing large amounts of this color is likely to be the most extraordinary visionary, capable of inspiring people in the most spectacular way. They have this incredible innate ability of seeing the future they want to achieve almost is if it were here in the present.

This is Law of Attraction in the most profound sense.

They construct the ideal in their heads and create steps to be able to achieve it.

Think of Martin Luther- King's immortal speech.

He relates he has a dream today.

He portrays the vision as if it could be in the present.

He is the perfect example of the explosive dynamism and charisma you’d expect to find of this set of people.

They are determined and focused, but at the same time humane and benevolent, always working for the greater good.

Their destiny is to do something very important.


One of the reasons why a violet aura type of person can have such life changing effects on the world is they love being centre of attention.

No shying away from the limelight for this crew.

Happiest captivating a crowd, they inspire with their oratory, magnetising everyone into their vision.

Often though, they stand apart from other people, because deep down they feel very different from everyone else.

And sometimes, no, they don’t fit in.

Whether they are different, I suppose is subjective, but they can feel very isolated from others especially when they are children.

They’ve got restless minds, always eager to absorb new information. Excited to meet new challenges (or to lobby for their existing ones) they adore travelling to reach as many people as they possibly can. So, independence is vitally important to a person with lots of violet in their aura.

Often a solitary life might be the only way for them to realise their goals.

Solitary, but not lonely.

Their deep compassion and empathic natures ensures they are deeply loved by many.

I’m not sure there really are negative tones of the violet and purple aura shades really.

There are also aura colors that aren’t in the rainbow spectrum.

Grey Aura Color Meaning

Grey indicates a rather red tape mind You might expect it from someone who worked in Whitehall or local government all their lives. I’m going to say plodding unimaginative type, but then I know mum also sees it when someone has had a chronic illness. It’s like the life has been sucked out of them – especially with conditions like back pain or depression and here you would expect to see the color flash right next to the head.

Brown Aura Color Meanings

Brown is the business man’s colour is usually the starting point if some ambition.

Black Aura Color Meanings

If you see black in the aura, watch your back. It can signify that a person is completely negating an emotion and / or is having very evil thoughts.

Crimson shot with black often signifies some type of depravity about the person.

At this point there is nothing you can do with either of these things (for goodness sake, don't start thinking it's your job to heal them). Say nothing, but try and stay out of their way in future.

Silver Aura Color Meaning

Like yellow, silver is also a colour of the planet mercury and occurs in auras of talented communicator or movers and shakers. (Silver tongued devils!) Conversely though, sometimes it might give away some signals of inconsistency or weakness.

Pink Aura

A pink aura can signify a very gentle healing spirit.

White Aura Color Meaning

White is a psychic colour, especially if you notice it being preceded by a mixture of blue or green, but physically it can also give you a heads up about an impending or underlying viral infection.

Gold Aura Color Meaning

Gold indicates the person may be developing soul qualities or that they may be becoming psychic.

Thinking back to those religious pictures of the saints and The Christchild, I have only seen someone with gold in their aura once and that was around a man who was sitting in front of me at a spiritualist church. He had a predominately violet aura (rare, in its own right of course) with patches of gold running through.

I would only have been about thirteen at the time and I can remember mum being incredibly excited to be close to someone showing violet and gold. Although it was a fleeting moment in my life, I have often wondered who that man went on to be.

So, you were warned it was long!

Next let’s talk about how to put that very intangible information about the aura color meanings into more useful etheric healing.

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